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In Conversation with Mark Roberts at CHARGE CARS

With the backdrop of a born again '67 Mustang next to the exotic Roborace autonomous machine, I sat down for an hour's conversation with CHARGE CARS Chief Creative Officer Mark Roberts.

Both Mark and I have been in around the auto industry for over 3 decades. Prior to CHARGE CARS he had an extraordinary journey at McLaren Automotive Ltd - whilst my journey has been a peripatetic story, with some of that revealed here in our recent chat.

Here's the video!

Really honoured to be Mark's first guest - and loved learning so much more about CHARGE CARS, ARRIVAL & Roborace (as well as a wonderful story about Mark's friendship with Beatle George Harrison) during my factory tour before we sat down together.

And yes, I know I'm very lucky to call such encounters as my 'work'!


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