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6 Key Battery Trends that are shaping the Li-Ion battery cells business - AND The Future of EV's

Here they are!...and for the forensic explanation from a battery supply chain expert, here's a video you can't afford to miss - from Mr Vivas Kumar...

Previously a member of Tesla's Battery Team, where he led negotiations for contracts representing multiple billions of dollars in aggregate multi-year spend along Tesla’s battery raw materials supply chain. In addition, he maintained senior government relationships across 6 continents on behalf of Tesla’s efforts towards a more sustainable future. He began his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company based in the USA and New Zealand.

He is now Principal with London-based Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, where he's involved in advisory services for the world’s lithium ion battery supply chain, from mine to EV

He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Tamil, English, and Mandarin.

...super smart fellow then - let's hear what he has to say!


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