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Plugged in Faces in Plugged In Places...

Over the past few weeks, these are some of the places and people I've been busy with. People showing us and telling us where we are and where we need to be...

And I like people who smile - and laugh. It's the best antidote to the madness of our world!

Malcolm Gladwell - Energy Disruptors - Calgary

Looking to identify that 'Tipping Point' moment for not only EV's...but for the monumentally essential shift to a circular ECOnomy.

A quick story. Almost 20 years ago I bumped into a stranger on a bus. We shared a few thoughts on life, and he kindly took a copy of his 1st book out of his rucksack - and gave me a signed copy.

Met up with him in Calgary during the Energy Disruptors gathering - it's a small world! He kindly signed his new book for me and didn't laugh at my cowboy hat!

There are people here and there working hard to make a difference....a positive diference - to humanities major and minor woes. Malcolm is one of these people, as are his fellow panelists Sir Ken Robinson and Dr Vivienne Ming. Extraordinary people - if you don't already know them GOOGLE them please!

On The Electric Mobility Panel - Energy Disruptors - with Chelsea Sexton, Monika Mikac, Martin Roemheld and our amazing host Holly Ransom

So, as the unintended consequence of human population growth combined with rapid GDP growth is now writ large in the climate change crisis - what happens next?....

Hosting - Warwick University

Acknowledgement of that is time critical, but in the process of progressing things we must have a managed transition. I was with some super smart people onstage and off in Warwick reviewing all that - specifically in the EV context.

Justin Benson - KPMG - It's Time....

Shell Canada HQ - Lunch & Learn Gig

Just what 'managed' means is open to interpretation of course. Will Auto OEM's and Oil & Gas Giants be part of that? I think so!...but we need to cajole, push, prod, poke, and ENCOURAGE.

Smarter Mobility Africa - Nobody bottled it!

Epic challenges BUT with epic opportunities - and the good news is the continent is awash with talent and tenacity - met some of those folks too!

What an amazing human being - look up Hein Wagner....he's seen so much more of the world than most people and he's still only a young fella!

Pretoria - Wiebe Wakker - EV Adventurer

Wow! A politician that hung around AFTER they spoke...

A few more images from my travels...and yes, my personal carbon footprint is something I MUST keep a focus on. And act on! Opening Panel Session -

Rawdon Glover MD Jaguar Land Rover, Rob Walker FD NIO UK, and Carol Burke MD Unipart Manufacturing Group

Singing their songs in both a minor and major key - this beautiful choir opened the Pretoria Mobility Summit - utterly inspiring and set me up for the day!

Energy Disruptors Panel on Shared Mobility...

My amazing co-host at the Pretoria Show - Azania Mosaka.

Just back from 2 days at Autonomy in Paris - an amazing mobility demo/convention/hang-out! This morning I told Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show all about that!

And I bump into a few old friends...

I know I'm privileged to spend my time working with so many wonderful people. They energise me. They inspire me. They help me.

Let's help each other - it's the only way forward!

Yee haaa!!!!

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