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Ron's Revolutions lasted 92 minutes...

NASA Astronaut Ron Garan's shared some of his momentous moments on the International Space Station with us all in Amsterdam at EV Box's rEVolution 2019 extravaganza...

The ISS orbits the entire planet every 92 minutes.

A single revolution that oversees each and every one of us...almost 8 billion souls glimpsed through the Cupola - truly the ultimate window on the world.

Utterly epic.

His keynote will be shared very soon with an even bigger audience than the 1000+ gathering that saw it first hand in an old gas facility in the Dutch Capital March 19th.

Later that day, over a beer in the hotel bar, ahead of meeting up with my Energy Disruptors friend Canadian entrepreneur Graeme Edge, Ron and I compared a few notes. Unusually for me this was about mostly listening. Not talking. An opportunity to be with an ISS Astronaut (he's done that gig twice btw!) is rare. An overused term these days, but his stories were truly - AWESOME!...

..."just before my buddy and I went on EVA, we'd play Led Zeppelin's Kashmir"...

"Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face

And stars fill my dream

I'm a traveler of both time and space

To be where I have been"...

When I got home yesterday, I played that song at top volume in my office through my 100 watt Marshall Amp.

I wept.

I wept at the image Ron had now wedded to my mind.

An image of an extraordinary moment 99.9999999999% of humanity will never encounter.

Ron and his buddy did.

Ron's revolutions may have lasted 92 minutes, my brief time with him on and offstage this week will last a lifetime in my memory.

I feel truly blessed.

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