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About the EQC and Me...

After both the lights-camera-action last night, and the onstage talk this morning with Ola Källenius & Per Schlingmann (a very revealing discussion called "R&D in the Agile Age") I'd now like to share my thoughts with you on Mercedes 1st full electric adventure...

Amongst several comments of note in the chat above, Ola stated...

"we have to adjust our business models"

It was in the context of the multiple emerging facets of 21st Century Life - most notably in and around smart cities.

I shared some time with Ola at CES2017...and be assured, he's a super smart guy and a man on a mission.

In the meantime, is the EQC EV breakthrough technology? Absolutely not - and it was never going to be to my mind. The Mercedes brand knows what its customers want and this is an important moment in beginning to deliver could almost call it the start of a quiet - but significant revolution.

And in case you're wondering...NO! I'm not suffering from 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

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