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Electric Vehicles Outlook LIVE!

May & June have always been 2 of my favourite months - perhaps they are for you as well?

May and June this year are better than ever for me as I'm enjoying a release from the confines of my garden office out onto the world wide stage!

A few weeks ago I was at an amazing gathering in Calgary, Canada -

Here chatting with Holly Ransom, Josipa Petrunic, and Motorsport maestro Lucas di Grassi,

A few days later, I'm here in London onstage with Angelika Sodian, European Boss of NIO, finding out more about where that amazing Brand is heading towards, and I did so in front of a mainly student audience from the London Business School - as well as senior management from such companies as AliBaba, PwC, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Haier, Mobile, and Huawei...

Silverstone Race Circuit (just down the road from my office) is switching from hydrocarbons to electrons for the weekend of 9th and 10th June as Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged LIVE plugs in to all things CleanTech. I'll be joining Robert on stage on the 10th with Transport Evolved's Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Lifesize Media's Alisa Murphy for a chat called "Why Megatrends Trump Politics"

On June 14 I'll be at Smart Transportation & Mobility with a short presentation "Our Friends Electric: How Ready Are Drivers To Love EV's?"

And then...

24th June sees me as MC'ing the final day of in Berlin where I also have the totally enviable 'task' aka joy of interviewing Mr Mate Rimac live onstage. How lucky is that?!

So there you are...a couple of months where I've been out and about with a bundle of hugely interesting people finding out what's coming our way from the wonderful world of EVLand!

I hope you'll find some of it useful and interesting!

For much more - including over 100 LinkedIn articles on all things EV, pop over here:-

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