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The Internet of People...

A truly inspiring few hours in London last Thursday evening at 'InMotion Ventures' 'Investing in the Future of Transport & Mobility' gig got me thinking...

Take a look around your body...

Every bit of it is connected to another bit.

If it isn't - you're in trouble!

However, the really exciting place to look - if you could - is inside your body...for example the 60,000 miles of blood vessels running super efficiently everyday and every night within us all!

This is neither a revolutionary observation nor an original thought - I was inspired to reflect on a few things by both the IMV gig and a chap from the American package delivery outfit UPS - Mr Wanis Kabbaj

His recent TED talk suggests a way forward with the dawn of the connected autonomous shared electric vehicle journey we're all about to embark on. In fact an epic SHARED journey.

And be assured my friend - we ARE about to embark on it!

I LOVED his talk - and almost a million people to date feel likewise...

One of the speakers at the IMV gig - with much of the content focused on sharing/community resource business models, said this ...

"I am 100% certain we are at a massive inflection point for transportation"

Oh yay - says I!

It is both Technology & Grand Vision that is enabling us to lift up a giant rock...and look underneath the current urban mess we've inadvertently created - urban and suburban - and almost everywhere else.

A simple truth.

Nature wastes Nothing

So, as many pre-industrial communities practiced, sharing is truly caring for the planet community - it makes practical sense, and they could do so of course back then because so much was smaller scale...especially when the human population was well under 1 billion for many centuries - and where overproduction was rare and relatively easily avoided.

Connectivity and increased automation now herald a new and exciting landscape - and the irony with so much of that is that it will mimic nature - and echo the past...

For what is machine learning if not an attempt to short-cut/accelerate the natural evolutionary process?

The older I get the more optimistic I become - because the more time I spend with innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors, I truly believe the power of the crowd has been liberated by the internet...

It's not an Internet of Things

It's an Internet of People

It's full of poetry, mathematics, science, technology, madness, humour, economics, and above all else...humanity.

You make say I'm a dreamer...

but I'm not the only one.

And finally - here's some material from the gig I mentioned back at the top of this piece!

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