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My E-Viddy - A Whizz Around My EV Outlook!

Yep! I know I'm lucky...

Truly, the most exciting place to be in automotive right here right now is in EV...can't believe I've been 'at it' for almost a decade already!!!

In reality it's at the nexus of monumental changes well underway all around the world.




Disruptors have entered the market - many will fail but some will prevail

Incumbents have to leverage their legacy - easier said than done of course!

My work is engaging with all parties as I'm solely focussed on accelerating the adoption of low carbon vehicle technologies and I'm agnostic on how we get there.

I work with Automotive OEM's

I work with Tier 1 Suppliers

I work with Start-Ups

I work with Investors

I work with Governments

I work with Energy Companies

I work with Fin-Tech Companies

Maybe I could work with you?

My diary includes the following events at which I will be busy with it all!

November 8th and 9th - Electronica 2016 - Munich

November 11th and 12th - Formula E - Marrakesh

January 5th, 6th, 7th - CES - Las Vegas

February 8th and 9th - e-Mobility Conference - Prague

And finally....

Don't Find a Fault - Find a Remedy - HENRY FORD

Feel free to drop me a line or give me a call +44 7860151813


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