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Wow! Some Amazing Company of Late!

Whilst far too much that I've been involved in has been relatively unsuccesful - relative is the key word for me.

Being part of a start-up is gruelling - long hours, poor financial reward, and career instability. When they fail it's like losing a much loved family pet - you grieve.

However, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else other than in and around the great people I've worked with as part of such things. We share a vision and passion for a better way of living and sustaining our existence.

So I admire in particular the following individuals:-

Mate RIMAC - I've met Mate, and others in the team - and they are truly inspirational. They GET IT! From supercars to wheelchairs and from scratch to a much admired innovator and technology leader, these are the sort of people that simply energise you with their achievement. I could wax lyrical here but better still watch the video below for a lecture in how to go about changing things...If you like Elon Musk you'll love Mr Rimac!

Lukas NECKERMANN - I 'met' Lukas on LinkedIn as indeed I 'meet' many fine folk. We then had a coffee rendezvous in London last year, and his fantastic book 'The Mobility Revolution' shares much of what Mr Rimac clearly believes in. I recommend it wherever I go, and I've thrust a copy into the hands of a number of automotive luminaries to date - and insisted they read it! Fortunately Lukas kindly lets me have a fresh copy as 'payment' (I'm not his agent btw!)

Sir Gordon MURRAY - In truth, I've only met Sir Gordon a few times at events such as the annual Millbrook Low Carbon Vehicle bash - LCV (organised by CENEX). However, I did share a platform with him in the video below. If you watch that you'll see I was part of a UKTI forum with a host of amazing talent ( I must have slipped through the net - there's always one ). Riversimple, Ricardo, Caparo, Intelligent Energy - all share their shape of the future.

There are several other notables that I've met on my journey thus far - but I'll save those for another day!

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