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Your Million Dollar EV Is Ready Now Sir!

Rimac Automobili started its remarkable journey six years ago, but to many people outside of the industry - and relative to Tesla in particular of course - they are almost unknown it seems!

Based in Croatia, near Zagreb, the company is a family of enthusiasts, engineers and designers set up to find new ways of making cars faster, and to prove to the world that electric vehicles can be fun!...I think they've done that!

They also have an astonishing electric bike proposition too, and some savvy investors are sensing that this is a company increasingly taking to the EV stage as one the main actors.

One lucky customer recently visited the operation to get to grips with his new car - and after checking this article out with himfirst - kindly allows us to share some of that experience out on the track and talking with the team. He did add this video is a rough cut so we may have more footage to follow at some point soon. A rare glimpse of magic moments we can all aspire to in the meantime!

Mr Runge also owns a Tesla Model S - so he can regularly compare and contrast two extraordinary cars of our time. I wonder if Elon has tried it out?

If not buy one, we can all get to see the Concept_One at each of the Formula E Races - next up Miami and Long Beach of course - as they provide the Race Director with a ride of a lifetime! John Todt, President of the FIA, certainly has a smile on his face...

Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E;

"We're very excited to be working with such an innovative company like Rimac Automobili. The Concept_One is a fantastic piece of modern technology and we're looking forward to showcasing this to Formula E fans at race events to show them the true potential of electric cars and the possibilities for the future."

If you didn't know about this exciting company - you know about them now!

The momentum for, and innovation with, electric vehicles is increasingly coming from outside of the traditional automotive arena - perhaps that is inevitable.

Mr Rimac and his electric warriors are on a roll it seems - Dobro za vas !


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