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Gibbs Amphibians - Quadski

I worked as a consultant at Gibbs Technologies for 6 months...

Wow! - what a ride!

Working amongst some amazing people - many from Formula 1 - I arranged a few

interesting meetings for Neil Jenkins and Alan Gibbs (professional confidences prevail

so I can't divulge!)

The pursuit of HSA's - High Speed Amphibious patented technologies was the mission.

The Aquada was an amazing product - and if you think you can't drive to France without

using either Ferry or Tunnel - think again!

Richard Branson made the voyage - or do we say road trip?...

Orginally based in Nuneaton the enterprise is now stateside and producing some

seriouly fun kit.

Maybe you saw Jeremy Clarkson taking the REALLY scenic route on beautiful

Lake Como a while ago...

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