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Moores Law - Simon Says...

Here's my good friend and world renowned battery supply chain guru Simon Moores telling it like it is to the US Senate Committee on Energy back in February 2019

June 19th 2020 - He's just been invited back.

...and that will be for the 3rd time!

Simon says...

Team Benchmark is delighted to once again, have the opportunity to give our independent state of play on the global electric vehicle supply chain to the highest tier of the US government. 

“The industry – from lithium, cobalt, graphite and nickel miners through to battery cell makers and EV manufacturers – rely on our proprietary market data and analysis to make the highest level of decisions on scaling this supply chain for the energy storage revolution. 

“It is our honour to present to the US Senate for the third time in what is now a crucial juncture for the USA in building a new heavy industry from scratch: the EV supply chain. 

“Senator Murkowski is the most important voice in the USA on what is a pervasive and persistent shift to electrification and energy storage. 

“The Senator’s relentless leadership on securing these supply chains is a crucial rallying call for a domestic supply chain that is some way behind its Chinese and European counterparts. 

“This subject will define the future of the US auto industry and have a wholesale impact on domestic mining, refining, chemical making and recycling in the USA.

“I am looking forward to getting Team Benchmark‘s message across.”


And a question on mine and other's minds must be - when are you popping in to Downing Street for a cup of tea and a chat about this?!


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