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A Decade before - a Decade on!

Here's what myself and a few others were saying exactly a decade ago this week, and much has happened to all of us since that time of course...

At the time, I was Sales Director for Modec, a UK EV start-up.

My fellow presenters were - and still are - leaders in their field.

We all gladly sang the praises of the UK back in the day...and I sense a significant moment fast approaches where much of what was said then will now come to the fore.

We are a great country.

We are a great cosmopolitan people shaped by centuries of change and occasional turmoil.

NOW is the time to point all of that talent and tenacity into building a better world.

A better world for EVERYONE.

Please listen to the narrative in this UKTI video.

This is us.

This is now.

This is our time.


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