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Wowzers! What an amazing weekend E-xtravaganza!

What an amazing e-xtravaganza the #FullyChargedLive Crew put on at Silverstone Circuits Ltd over the weekend. Bonkers and brilliant all rolled into one!

Any auto OEM personnel that popped along incognito will have been stunned by the sight and sound of the hugely enthusiastic crowd for all things EV!

Some people say the EV market is marginal...

Some say it's just a mixture of hype and hope...

Some people...clearly don't know what they are talking about!

Nestled neatly inside Silverstone's "Wing' facility, an array of all things clean tech and EV were proudly out on display - with early adopters and newbies rubbing shoulders together as a cleaner, fresher, brighter, better world was outlined...oh and in more and more cases - cheaper way to travel too in case that's your key 'driver'

It was all great fun and friendly whilst the serious backdrop/odour of the doo-doo we have all inadvertently created and stepped in - was lurking somewhere close by.

If accelerating EV adoption is much about education...this was the school of rock and roll for all of that! Bearded Bobby had marshalled his buddies, sponsors, and followers alike into a marching army of electron lovers hell bent on flipping a giant switch as though they were collectively turning on the festive lights of Oxford Street with a Giant Hand!

Roll Up Roll Up - It's time to plug in!

It was 'a happening'

It was a very exciting place to be my friends!

It was also a joy to join the congregation on Sunday for some onstage 'trumping' with Das Host Robert Llewellyn, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield over from the US who brings us the wonderful online world of and Alisa Murphy CEO of - Europe's CleanTech Comms Agency.

Oh! and if you missed it - don't fret as I'm sure much of what went on will pop up on a soon to be aired Fully Charged episode.

Better still - pitch up yourself next year as you'll be in for a real treat!

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