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A Million Dollar Electric Supercar Ride with Rimac - Mate Rimac!

It's not everyday you get to ride out in a Million Dollar Electric Supercar as I did back in 2015...

Yep! I'm a Lucky Man - I admit it!

A couple of years ago I went to Croatia to meet up with an electric vehicle magician and his magnificent team.


As Mr Richard Hammond recently caught up with this astonishing brand's proposition (unlike Mr May and Mr Clarkson who pressed the pedal to the metal to no avail in hot pursuit of the Hamster) Here's a video of my time in the Concept_One with Mr Rimac...

Not the finished product at that time, but Mate sure put the machine as it was through its paces.

When we got going 'properly' - I was lost for words. Now there's a first!

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