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FF & FE & EV OK!

I'm thrilled to see Formula E accelerating fast!

Spark Racing Technologies, Williams Advanced Engineering, and McLaren all did an amazing job in getting cars on the grid for Season 1

And now it's Season 3 - Wow!

Picture Credit: faster_ian on Instagram

Amongst other notables, Jaguar's and Cheetah's chasing each other around the city centres of the world - with a host of newbies and wonders waiting in the wings...

McLaren to make a super battery that delivers a single car race proposition

3 time constructors Formula 1 champions - the mighty Mercedes, holding a golden ticket for a future season


And Audi

And as the Maven of Motorsport Murray Walker might say

It's GO! GO! GO!

Having popped over to Las Vegas for the Faraday Future launch last January - and hung around their CES show stand - I got a flavour of what was to come...

Here's a taster of that fare from FF as they progress their play into the New World of Auto - with Formula E as a critical test bed for development within an extreme environment. The intellectual capital within Faraday Future is hugely skewed towards the electric vehicle journey thus far - the human capital in particular of course.

All more than familiar with...

The trials, tribulations - and successes!

I caught up with Nick Sampson and Marco Mattiacci in London - and had a brief chat with Nick on the grid about it all....

And finally....

My ideal weekend would be a double header in Monaco - with Formula One and Formula E competing on the same day on the same the same time - oops! - sorry I got carried away then.

Time to Go! Go! Go!



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