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EV TG - I Fancy That!

So it seems the BBC Top Gear Show will be casting the net out to all and sundry with open auditions for a presenter - I fancy that!

Public awareness of the electric proposition in all it's forms is happening with Formula E, Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and several others.


There is a golden opportuntiy to make it fun and informative within the format of a refreshed Top Gear and I'd really really loved to front it up! The last time I auditioned for TV was back in the summer of 1982 when I tried and failed to be part of 'The Tube'. I was pipped to the post by Mark Mywurdz - I will never forgive him for that!!!

33 years later - it's time to try again.

I have a (lapsed) Equity Card

Peak talk from rest is my stock in trade

I can take a cue

I've got all of Chris Evans records

I'm available!

So watch this space as you never know - and you never grow if you never try!

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