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200,000 LinkedIn Followers!...how did that happen?

I can tell you exactly how that happened!...

Rosa Smith (53 Followers) - Team Lead at FleetPride in Lincolnton, North Carolina clicked the follow button for my EV blog! I sent Rosa a personal thank you for that btw!

I've been on the LinkedIn platform for over a decade, and woven it into the fabric of my everyday business endeavour...

Some people I know say I'm the first person they woke up to which sounds a bit worrying - but I'm more flattered than shocked by that of course.

My modus operandi is to share as much about the EV world as I can to a wide audience - to give out information and data - to put reports into some context - and to support and encourage people and companies wherever I can.

I now live life as 50% Blogger and 50% EV Business Consultant - and I'm very happy about that!

If you are just starting out like Rosa - stick at it! Linkedin is a treasure trove of amazing talent and wonderful people...sure you get some weirdos saying strange things - but my advice is just let those pass you by! Accentuate the positives - smile and make friends - and dive in!

And If you've been 'following' me on LinkedIn -

Thank you!


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